Off-Salah isn’t Off-Ramadhan (To the menstruating sister during Ramadhan)

Reading this, opened my eyes to things I should’ve done during the previous periods on past Ramadan… May Allah keep us on this path for long ameen.

Nana Bee Scribes

i wrote this Article last Ramadhan but i didnt publish it. And since then, it’s being lying in my folder. it’s basically about the activities a muslimah should engage in during Ramadhan while she is on her period. many ladies actually think not being able to pray exempts them from during reward earning activities during Ramadhan.

In sha Allah, this post is to enlighten the womenfolk and help set straight the misconception as regards the religious activities to be engaged in while fasting.

I hope that this benefits everyone10169208_813132492084915_3195985740292937621_n.

Zainab, reciting a verse of the Quran walked in quietly. She expected to meet no one at home as everyone in the quest to finishing the recitation of the Quran in the first 10 days of Ramadan must have gone to the masjid. Contrary to what she presumed, she did meet someone in the house. Ruqayyah!
Ruqayyah was lying on…

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